Case Study Writing Tips

A case study is research and writing that can be assigned in a variety of course work disciplines. In general, a case study is an in-depth study of a particular individual, group, or small part of individuals within a group. Research is conducted on specific features of the study subject(s) and an analysis is conducted in reference to a specific issue, problem, or quality of that subject(s). Usually, the analysis results in solution options for certain problems or conditions that are meant to inform policy, activity, or changes.

Perhaps one of the most difficult case study writing occurs in graduate business programs, and students often enlist the support form online writing services, with the question, “How do you write a case study?” Many of these custom essay companies have Ph.D. professionals to help with business case studies and can offer a wide range of assistance, from guides and tips to the provision of a case study sample, so that students can have a model to use as they write their own.

Business case studies are of all types. Case studies in management may require that students look at management theory and practice and research the implementation of such theory and practice by a specific industry or business. Case studies in marketing, on the other hand, may look at the strategies used by a successful corporation and attempt to analyze their strengths for potential transfer to other like corporations, or to determine what problems such strategies may encounter in the future.

Case study writing will require a thesis and hypothesis. This is usually established after a significant research is done in a general topic area and related to the individual or group to be studied. In a sociology class, for example, a student may wish to study the phenomenon of poor academic achievement of a student in urban middle schools. Research on middle school education as well as this specific population will be required, before any thesis or hypothesis can be identified. The study itself will include a sound research design with specific data-collecting instruments, all of which must be analyzed and discussed, before potential solutions are posited

Help with Case Study Writing

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