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Reasons of Acne Appearance

One of the main problems with skin in the modern world is acne. Being mostly a problem of teens, this particular issue may affect even older people. What are the reasons for this particular infection? Scientists all over the world have considered this problem and come to the conclusion that the main reason for this infection is bacteria responsible for acne, called the P. acne one. It appears on the skin and remains there while inappropriate cleaning, blocking the skin pores. Another reason for acne is dead skin cells. The natural process of skin dying is appropriately organized, however, when human organism suffers from particular problems, dead skin cells may remain in pores and create acne. As a result, the main problems of acne are wrong cleaning of face skin and inappropriate functioning of human organism processes.

Numerous Methods of Treating Acne

Many ways of acne treating exist, starting with medication scientifically confirmed and finishing with folk remedy which contains thousands of ways and methods. For example, different sources recommend the following methods, namely hot compress, freezing, toothpaste, lemon and apricot juice, baking soda, egg mask, apple cider vinegar, garlic massage of the face, use of roses, papaya, potato or honey, etc. Thus, it is obvious that the methods are numerous and these are just the samples of what products and methods may be used. Each human being has personal skin peculiarities and the methods appropriate for him/her. However, there are still the most effective universal ways of coping with acne. Having conducted a thorough research in the sphere of acne treatment, the following ways seem to be the most effective ones. 

Five the Most Effective Ways of Treating Acne

  1. Dermabrasion is actually a surgical operation conducted in special medical establishments under the supervision of a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon. This procedure has been used for years for clearing skin from inside. The procedure comprises the abrasion of the upper to the middle layer of the skin with all the problematic areas. Microdermabrasion is a variation of dermabrasion. It is a cosmetic procedure where professionals remove outermost layer of human skin with dead skin cells (Farage, 2010).
  2. Health eating is one of the most essential means for combating with acne as one of the main reasons of the problem is a wrong functioning of some processes in human organism. Healthy eating is aimed at regulating these processes and as a result acne destroying. Balanced nutrition and consuming fruits and vegetables are the main guarantees of healthy eating.
  3. Water drinking is one more means which may assist in coping with the problem. Human organism mostly consists of water and it is important to supply it with fresh water every day. Drinking more water people will feel changes in their organism within several weeks.
  4. Skin care products are effective in relation to acne, if a person has managed to choose the correct products and he/she completes the program. Skin care program consists of morning and evening procedures. In the morning a person should clean the face, moisture it and put a sunscreen. Cleaning is very important in the evening. A person should apply nourishing or treatment in the evening with such active ingredients as peptides, antioxidants, retinoid or anti-inflammatory.
  5. Toothpaste is one more fast affecting method to get rid of acne. A person should take toothpaste on pimples and leave it for a night. In the morning one should wash it off (Shamban, 2011).

Thus, these are the most effective ways which guarantee getting rid of acne. Dermabrasion, water drinking, skin care and healthy eating are the methods which have long-term affect. The peculiarity of these methods is that the results are seen after several weeks after starting treatment. Toothpaste is used when urgent measures are necessary, however, these methods do not give long-term affect.

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